More shots, less you pay. The price decreases as photoshoots increase.

Which is the difference between specific categories photos service and the low cost one?

The low cost service permit you to have good photos for your products with a little price. It doesn’t matter which is the kind of product cause the sets won’t be pervader ad hoc. You just need to classify product depending on them size (small, mid, large, extra).

This means that:

  • all product will be photographed on a same set;
  • clothes, bags, sandals, etc. won’t be prepared ad hoc like in the specific categories but just laid on the set. Logos, prints, etc will be shown the best possible way;
  • bags handle, buckles and other element won’t be arranged ad hoc or kept high;

Our e-commerce is always growing up and it will be soon possible to choose some new specific product category. Follow us to discover them or contact our customer service to have more infos.