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On this page you can photograph your objects at 360 ° in order to make them interactive for your eCommerce.
Your product will be photographed from different angles by rotating it on itself, maintaining its exact position, but inclined by 30 or 15 degrees.
This will generate 8, 16 or 24 images, depending on the number of frames chosen, which will then be mounted on an HTML5 viewer that can be integrated on all websites.
How to choose the amount of images? Depending on the fluidity of the movement to be achieved, the three frame rates will be chosen.
If you want to obtain maximum fluidity in order not to leave any detail for granted, a frame rate of 24 images will be more suitable, while to save money you can choose the one from 12 or if you do not select anything, the files will consist of 8 images.
You can see for yourself the difference in the examples below between 8, 12 and 24 shot photographs.
Depending on the product you need to photograph, select the category from 360 degrees - Other Products or 360 degrees - Clothing; enter the number of photos you want to take; select the 16 or 24 frame rate in additional services, if you do not select anything, they will be 8; and you will see the quote alongside.
We remind you that the price for photos varies according to the quantity of items and the shots. More shots and less you spend!