Still Life Photos for Cosmetics 

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For all ecommerce it is essential to have professional and quality photos and the sale of beauty products is no different. In this category you can choose your shots for cosmetics such as: Tubes, Jars, Eyeliner, Bottles, Mascara, Pencils, Eye Shadows, Brushes, Lipsticks, Nail Polishes, Face Powder and Earth, Compositions.
Choose the type of product to be photographed and the desired shots. To have clearer and more detailed photos, add some additional services such as the Shadow to give more volume to your photos or the Mirror if you want to publish them on social networks.
We recommend that you select Advanced Photo Editing for metal or reflective material objects.
Take a look at the examples below to see the result of the various shots.
If you cannot find your product in the cosmetic subcategories you can go to the section: Other Products.
The price for photos varies according to the quantity of items and the shots, the more you add and the more the unit price drops.