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Through the social networks, 78% of Ecommerce beat the competition, increasing their sales about 10-20%. Today, in the digital era, you sell more with captivating images than with long descriptions or DIY images.
It may seem simple to create a composition for social media, but "do it yourself" is highly discouraged. This because the presence of multiple elements in the frame if positioned incorrectly can divert attention from the main product and therefore change the meaning of the image.
Our expert photographers, on the other hand, will be able to advise you on lights, positioning of objects and background to make your product stand out and thus increase your sales.
If you are still not convinced, just think that some social media like Instagram or Pinterest allow you to buy directly through their platform by simply clicking on the photo so why not take advantage of this opportunity?
Think about the image you would like, select the Social Photos category ?, enter the number of photos you need, add any additional services and send us your idea to the address: specifying the number of your order.
We will give you the photos already of the right size and format for social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any else platform you wish.
If you also need to photograph fresh food that easily perishes, contact us for a personalized quote.
We remind you that the price for photos varies according to the quantity of items and the shots, the more you add the more the unit price drops.