You can go to the OTHER PRODUCT category button, where photos are divided basing on products measures.

We will photograph your products using the selected category.

The photos quality is the same, what changes is the attention we use placing products on the set.

Yes, but the product will be photographed on generic sets, not specific for their own category so price and quality will be lower.

Yes, each file has an high resolution of 300dpi, 60mb more or less (opened file, no cut photo, RGB extension).

We take RGB photos with 300dpi resolution, with a Jpeg format. Each file is cut in order to have the less possible quantity of background and the more possible product. That's why our files will have different sizes (from 20MB to 60MB).

The files will be save in JPEG high definition 300dpi. If you have any equest you can change the size. The new size is included in the price.

Yes, the files will be resize for the web site. The resize is included to the price.

We accept to assemble products that don't need manual instruction. For ex. we can put together the wheels to a chair, a base to a table... stuff like this easy to assemble. We DO NOT ACCEPT products that need to read a manual to be built or object that have more than 3 pieces to put together.

Yes, it is indispensable: logging into your PERSONAL AREA you can download and print the shipping documents for the courier, in addition or in place of yours.

Absolutely NOT, if you send the boxes without the labels we won't accept the shipment.

If you declare wrong weight and dimensions, during the check-in of your product 1PHOTO will notify it to the sender asking for the payment of the difference price needed.

Yes, you can choose whether to ship the boxes by 1PHOTO or if you send the boxes by your courier.

The vector clipping path is technique we use to remove the background from the photo of the products. We cut out the perimeter of the product so you can put it on a different background or just use it with the plein white background furnished.

Because the vector clipping path we furnish is "hand made", so the time necessary to cut out the perimeter of an object depend on the complexity of the form. For example: to create the vector clipping path of a shoe is necessary less time than that needed to create the inner and outer limit of the wheel of a bike, in which every spoke must be cut out individually.

Yes, it is. If you don't give the name to your files, we'll use a general name like "bags" followed by number i sequence (e.g. bags_01, bags_02)

You can choose to add the Natural shadows additional service only if you first flag the vector clippin path service. This service consist in cutting out the natural shadows created by the product and the set's lights. This way the cut out of the object will be combined to his natural shadows so it won't appear like a product floatting in the air but with a "base".

MyBank is the new instantaneous bank transfer for e-commerce: it's an alternative at the payment throw credit card that let yoy pay online from your bank current account. Entering your personal internet banking you'll be able to send the bank transfer just compliting the pre-filled form.

Notes are suggestion you can give us like how to prepare your product on yhe set, on which details focus, how many buttons of a shirt keep opened/close, keep or not pricetags, etc. We will try to satisfy your request considering their feasibility. We won't consider notes regarding changing of the angle of framing.

It's necessary to declare it with precision because: • 1PHOTO show you the quotation of shipment (with return), real time, basing on mathematics calculations depending on dimensions and weight declared. • 1PHOTO need to know how much space make ready for the boxes in the wearhouse and how many people are necessary to unload the products.

The INVOICES will be available into your personal area

Dopo aver completato la registrazione è necessario fare specifica richiesta inviando il documento di agevolazione (es. Esenzione dognale, autocertificazione, dichiarazione d'intento, ....) al seguente indirizzo: Dopo il completamento della procedura riceverete una email confirmatoria e accendeno al sito il vostro utente visualizzerà il nuovo valore dell'IVA assegatovi.