Composition of products
Composition of products

On this page you can choose photoshoots for compositions of cosmetic and make-up products (maximum 8 pieces for each composition).

How we photograph

  • Framing of your products will be as those you will send us at; if you don't want to send us an example we will create a composition for you in the best way to value each product and his details;
  • If you want to do more than one composition, send us the product into shopping bags divided by group (each bag must contain the products that have to be photographed together), or enumerate the bottom of each product writing into the "notes" section of the order which numbers must be photographed together (for ex. coposition 1 n. 1, 2, 3, composition 2 n.1, 3, 4, etc.)
  • Sets, lights, shadows and framing have been specifically studied to value the details of the compositions; 
  • Post production photo editing and chromatic improvement are included.

Quality: 300 dpi
Dimension: from 3 to 8 MB in JPEG 
Maximum size: 31,7 X 47,55 cm (3744 X 5616 pixel)

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Composition of products
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Choose frames (the photos you see include additional services “vector clipping path and natural shadows")


Example 01

Example 01

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We do not accept products to build

To let us respect photoshoots delivery timing you will need to pay with Credit Card/Paypal/immediate online Bank Transfer and send us products within 24 hours.

You need to pay within 10 days maximum.

Photoshoots delivery timing is meant starting from the moment we receive your products.

At the end of processes you will be able to download photoshoots into your personal area, for 1 month starting from our email notification.

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Composition of products

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